JOE TENG, Master Photographer

Joe is an Associate Master Photographer in the Wedding Photography Category, a testament to his capabilities as a professional photographer. This title is a recognition of Joe’s capabilities and achievements – cementing his status as a noted photographer in the eyes of not only his day to day customers, but in the professional realm as well.

JOE TENG - His Style & Approach

post-modern & romantic flavour
capturing real emotions
eye for detail
classical and elegant
friendly demeanour
invoking charisma
breathtakingly unique
ardent observer & unobtrusive
artistically creative

JOE TENG - His Profile

Joe has been a professional wedding photographer for several years, and has substantial experience in capturing the moments of hundreds of blissful couples.
He has travelled to some of the most romantic Asian and European cities in his quest to seize the most beautiful moments of his satisfied customers.

Joe has managed to integrate both his talents in landscape photography and his inherent interests in wedding photography to forge together a most distinctive perspective, unique to Joe alone.

This complementary integration, a fusion of both styles, has been Joe’s unique and matchless hallmark. So if couples are searching for a unique, unparalleled photography experience, Joe is the one to go to.

His pictures possess a postmodern romantic flavour, classical in its elegance and breathtakingly unique in its graphic stylistic elements. Joe welds together the technical and emotional aspects of photography – his photos are sharp and of lovely composition, whilst possessing the intangible qualities of real emotion, guaranteed to evoke feelings of joy and felicity in any viewer.

He enjoys choosing different backdrops and architecture to bring out the charisma of each couple, every background matching the personalities of the couple. What are produced is photos of artistic value but of general beauty as well, assured to please the young, the old, the artistic and the man on the street.

Joe manages to channel the emotion of each bride and groom into images that can be relived and relished over forever.

Joe’s niche is in actual wedding day photography, as he juggles the style of being unobtrusive, yet capturing perfectly in his pictures, the contemplation and anticipation, enveloping bliss and happiness that permeates a busy wedding day.

The smiling expectancy of the groom, the resplendent allure of the bride, the crinkling eyes of satisfaction in the parents of the couple, each movement, each smile, each grin and chuckle, each nervous moment and each worthy instant, no matter how minute, will be covered and captured by Joe. He occupies the role of an ardent observer, whilst professionally capturing into eternity the most special moments of a couple’s happiest and most significant day. Every fleeting moment, perishable as they may be will not be wasted in time, as Joe will seize all these precious instances in photos.

Couples have also complimented his easy going and friendly demeanour, more of a friend and well-wisher than a hired photographer and below are a few testimonies.

Joe has a keen eye for detail, as well as a penchant for managing to photograph important moments, and with him as a photographer on the actual wedding day, the bride and groom can be assured that their big day will be arrested into hundreds of spectacular photographs- technically perfect but also gorgeous in the lighting, detail and emotion.

Eudora Welty once mentioned that a good snapshot prevents a moment from running away, and with Joe, every moment to be savoured over will never escape his keen eyes.

JOE TENG - Awards & Associations